4 Reasons To Work With A Welder Recruitment Agency For Your Business

Posted on: 8 February 2023

Looking to hire good welders to fill open positions in your company? While you could post job ads and vet and train candidates for welding jobs, it can be more efficient to work with a welder recruitment agency. These agencies focus on the welding trade specifically and work with companies that need welders on a regular basis. Take a look at the benefits of working with a welder recruitment agency. 

Welders Can Be Recruited for Both Shorter- and Longer-Term Assignments 

Depending on the industry, your need for welders can fluctuate. For example, pipeline operations often need more welders when doing large-scale installations and fewer welders on smaller jobs. Because of this, it is always a good idea if you have access to both short- and long-term welders that can serve as either temporary or permanent employees. When working with a welder recruitment agency, you can get access to welders that only need temp positions, but also welders that are looking for long-term employment opportunities. 

Find Welders That Are a Good Fit for Your Welding Applications 

Because a welding trade recruitment agency keeps the credentials and prior work history on file for each welder, these agencies can get you matched with job candidates that have a history in your industry. For example, if you need welders that are familiar with the water tank industry, you can reach out to the agency and they will pull a list of candidates that have worked in that industry before. This means you will get welders that already hold some knowledge associated with the work and industry without an extensive level of training required. 

Welders Will Already Have the Proper Credentials to Be Ready for Work 

A lot of welder recruitment agencies partner with trade schools to help new welders find careers. Therefore, the candidates that you gain access to will already have the proper welding certifications to become one of your employees in most cases. 

Find Welders That Have Already Been Properly Vetted 

Any employee that works with welding equipment must be properly vetted. Safety in a workplace setting that involves welding can be a major concern. Therefore, it is critical that the individual is alert and responsible to make sure welding equipment is used in the proper way and safety practices are always followed. Working with a welder recruitment agency will mean the job candidates that come to your place of business will be well-vetted with background checks, reference checks, and drug testing. 

Contact a local welder recruitment agency to learn more. 


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