• Color Grading Software Helps Give Video Action a Fantasy Look

    Creating short videos for online streaming can draw in many viewers. Bringing them in, however, is not the same as keeping them watching. The video has to impress viewers and hook them. Effective writing, acting, and directing all play essential roles, and so does crafting the right aesthetic look. Action-oriented shorts could benefit from something more fantastical, so bold, and bright tones may work better. When going for a fantasy/comic book-style look, color grading software helps the cause.
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  • Sharp Rise in Wastewater Blockages Calls for New Water Treatment Standards

    New risks are lurking in our wastewater and water treatment systems. Concerns over whether the virus that causes COVID-19 is decontaminated in drinking water and sewage systems have been allayed by the CDC. Water treatment services are busy treating a related problem — the clogging of sewage pipes and water plant systems with coronavirus debris. From New York to Sydney Australia, white bergs are floating through sewage systems. These white bergs are made up of sanitary wipes, latex gloves, mop refills, and other unflushables.
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  • Reasons You May Want to Consider a Career in Forensic Psychology

    If you have recently been trying to come up with a career path for yourself, you may find yourself stumped or wondering about a few different options. If forensic psychology is one such option or if it just sounds interesting to you, you may also wonder why someone might choose forensic psychology as a career path. Get to know some of the benefits of being a forensic psychologist and the reasons you may want to consider it for your next career move.
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