Commercial Scrap Metal Recycling Services That Make It Easy To Get Rid Of Your Metal Waste

Posted on: 16 June 2022

If your business creates metal scrap, you'll need to find a way to recycle it that's convenient for you. You may need ongoing recycling services or just occasional pickups of old filing cabinets or metal furniture. A commercial scrap metal recycling service can help so you don't have to figure out how to haul junk to a recycling center yourself. Here are some ways a commercial scrap metal recycling service can help.

Schedule Pickups For Metal Trash 

If you need to get rid of metal office equipment or supplies after organizing your building or getting new equipment, you can arrange to have a one-time visit for the company to pick up your trash. They can carry it to the truck and even take things apart to separate metal from rubber and wood so all you have to do is let them know what you want gone, and the company can handle the rest.

When you're scheduling a one-time pickup, you'll want to know what type of metals the company accepts. You'll also want to ask if you need to prepare the items in any way besides emptying drawers. If some of your metal items won't be accepted, you might ask if the company can dispose of them at an approved dump site so you still get the items off of your property. They might do this for an additional fee or tell you who to call that can help.

Advice On How To Manage Metal Waste

A commercial scrap metal recycling service you may need is help with planning on how to dispose of metal waste. You might need help separating it, learning what metals can be recycled, and how to store them while waiting for the metal to be picked up. A recycling service can help you set up a system so recycling is done automatically and without putting more work on your staff.

Provide Recycling Containers

You won't want metal trash sitting in your building or on your grounds, so the company may provide you with a recycling dumpster that they'll pick up on the schedule you need. Having a dumpster on your property makes it easy to get rid of metal waste and the dumpster keeps things tidy so you don't have trash strewn around.

If you create metal waste on a production line, you'll need a dumpster all the time, and you might rent it by the month. The rental would include the pickup fee so the dumpster is cleaned out before it gets too full.

You may be required to recycle metal trash as a business, so working with a recycler is a good way to make it easy to have the metal waste hauled away and do your part for reducing landfill waste and helping the planet.


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