Reasons To Buy Coastal And Marine Recycled Plastic Textiles

Posted on: 19 April 2022

These days, textiles can be made from all sorts of materials. Of course, you'll see some made from classic materials like cotton and jute. But you'll also see textiles made from more unique products, such as recycled plastic. Specifically, coastal and marine recycled plastic textiles are a newer innovation and offer an alternative to traditional fibers. Here are some reasons to consider buying clothing and other products made from this marine-recycled plastic.

Buying these products helps clean up the oceans

As you may be aware, there is a big problem with plastics floating in the ocean. Old plastic bottles, plastic webbing from cans, and even straws can get caught in and around wildlife, leading to sickness and sometimes even death. There is also some thought that these plastics may break down and leech unhealthy compounds into the marine water. Buying products made from these plastics helps support the cleanup of the oceans and beaches. The companies that make these textiles pick up plastic trash along the beach and from the water as the raw materials for their textiles. So, the more business they get from people like you, the more cleanup they'll do. And the more cleanup they do, the better off ocean-dwelling animals are.

Buying these products reduces the production of less eco-friendly textiles

If you buy a shirt or a hat made from recycled marine plastic, that's one less cotton or nylon shirt or hat you're buying. So, in buying the marine plastic version, you're helping to reduce demand for other materials. This can be a good thing since many of these other materials are not that earth-friendly to produce. Cotton, for instance, is often grown with a lot of pesticides. 

Buying these products gives you a chance to tell others about them

If you buy and wear a shirt or hat made with marine recycled textiles, then people may ask about it. You can then tell them all about marine recycled plastics and the benefits of wearing these materials. If they, too, buy an article of clothing made from this material, this will increase demand and help keep beaches even cleaner.

The reasons above are all good reasons to buy and enjoy marine recycled textiles. There are some pretty cute shirts, hats, and even shorts out there, so take a look at what's available and purchase an article that works for you. You'll look and feel great!


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