Same-Day Dentures Spare You The Embarrassment Of Being Seen Without Teeth

Posted on: 10 January 2022

If many of your teeth are in bad shape and you're considering getting dentures, ask your dentist about same-day dentures. Same-day dentures mean your teeth are pulled and the dentures are put in during a single visit. However, you'll still need several dental appointments to adjust the dentures. Getting these immediate dentures is a desirable option if you don't want to go without teeth while waiting on your extractions to heal and your dentures to be made. Here's more information about how same-day dentures work.

The Dentist Makes Your Denture Mold First

Depending on the way your dentist operates, they may take a mold of your teeth on your initial visit and send it to the lab. It could take several days to a few weeks to get your dentures completed, and when they are, you'll have your teeth extracted and new dentures put in on the second visit.

Your dentist may pull the back molars before you have the rest of your teeth extracted so your gums can heal. The missing molars won't be noticeable, and you may be more comfortable wearing dentures over healed gums. However, when the time comes to pull the rest of your teeth, you won't have to worry about being seen toothless, since the immediate dentures are put in as soon as your teeth are pulled.

An advantage of having your dentures made in advance of pulling your teeth is that the mold or digital scan is done while you still have your teeth, and this could help the same-day dentures have a more natural appearance.

You'll Leave The Dentures In For A Few Days

Once your mouth has healed a little, your dentist will probably advise that you take your dentures out at night and soak them. However, the immediate dentures place pressure on your gums and help control bleeding and swelling. For that reason, you may wear the new dentures morning and night, and only take them out for quick cleaning. Your dentist provides you with full instructions for recovering from your tooth extractions, including how to care for your new dentures and what foods to eat.

The Same-Day Dentures Need Adjustments

Your same-day dentures won't fit perfectly. You'll probably need to have them adjusted a few times. Adjustments are necessary because the swelling goes down in your gums and your bone slowly shrinks. Your dentist lets you know when to come back for adjustments, but you should let your dentist know if you have pain from the dentures or other problems, since you may need an adjustment early.

It takes several months for the swelling in your gums to go away completely. When your mouth has healed, you'll go back to your dentist for another adjustment to get a perfect fit that could last a few years. In some cases, your dentist may recommend new dentures, but if you choose high-quality dentures for immediate use, adjusting them may be all you need and cost less than buying another set of dentures.


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