Have A Commercial Strip Mall? Stock Each Business With Fire Extinguishers Today

Posted on: 18 November 2021

If you own a commercial building and there are multiple spaces inside the office, it's important to have multiple fire extinguishers throughout the space. The bare minimum required by OSHA or other health and safety standards in your city may not be enough, especially if your spaces are separated.

You want to know that if there is a fire, not only is there an extinguisher available for every area inside the building, but also that there could be multiple people using them at once if necessary. Here are things to do to make the building safer.

Order New Extinguishers in Bulk

You need to order as many new extinguishers as there are separate businesses, and also options in general gathering areas. Also consider putting extinguishers around appliances for the building like the furnace or electrical boxes. The bulk order should help to control costs, and the sales associate can go over the proper storage and usage of the extinguishers with you.

Beware of Problematic Areas

There are a few areas that are more prone to fires than others inside a commercial property. These areas include:

  • Around HVAC appliances
  • Kitchens and cooking equipment
  • Electrical control and device spaces
  • High-temperature areas

When you have additional support around these areas, someone can grab the extinguisher quickly to help stop the fire from destroying the entire property.

Consult Your Insurance Provider for Discounts

Talk with the company that provides your commercial property insurance. You should be able to get discounts for being more prepared for a fire because this reduces the likelihood of claims related to:

  • Property damages from a fire
  • Liability cases with a fire
  • Loss of income claims

The insurance provider will most likely require proof of these added extinguishers and may visit in person or require photos to be sent.

Be sure that all of your tenants know they need to go over how to use the extinguishers with their employees, so anyone at any time can grab and put out flames or smoke if needed. A commercial fire can destroy a building quickly, put people's lives at risk, and destroy businesses. If you have the necessary components on the walls and around the space to prevent a fire from spreading, this is a great way to protect your commercial property. After making the purchase be sure to check the expiration dates on the extinguisher regularly and to replace it when needed.


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