Reducing Energy Waste With Window Replacement

Posted on: 2 March 2021

Windows are one of the most common areas that heat and air conditioning losses occur and are one of the easiest things to fix. Window replacement services can help you identify the problem areas and replace the windows that need it to keep the heat and AC where they belong and to reduce your home or business's energy consumption. 

Window Inspections

If you suspect you are losing heat and air through the windows in your home or business, an excellent place to start is with an inspection of the windows by a professional window replacement service. The assessment will check the window frames' condition, the seals, and the glass and look for air movement around the glass or frame's perimeter. 

Often the inspector will use a special infrared camera that shows hot and cold spots so they can visually verify the heat or AC loss around the window. If you would like to see the results, ask the inspector to show it to you. It is very enlightening to see how the air moves, and this can help you better understand why you may need to replace your windows. 

Once the inspection is complete, the window replacement service will go over the report with you and show you which windows are a concern. This is often the time they recommend replacing some or all of the building's windows, so if you have questions, it is good to ask them during this meeting. 

Window Replacement

After you have determined which windows you will replace, the window replacement service will come and measure for the replacements and order the windows for you. You can order windows that look original if you want to retain a specific look, or you can choose to change the style completely and update the style of the home. 

The measurements for the windows and the style will go to the window manufacturer, and when they are complete, the windows will be shipped to your home. The turnaround time from order to shipping can vary by window complexity and by whether or not the windows need special sizing to fit the openings in the building. 

Window Installation

Once the windows are ready, the window replacement service can install them very quickly. The contractor will remove the old windows one at a time, and then the new window is installed in place of the old one. A large company with a big crew can often replace all the windows in a home in a couple of days, but a business may take longer if there are many windows in the building. 

To learn more, contact a window replacement service.


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