Mildew Removal Tips For Homeowners

Posted on: 12 November 2020

When fabrics or upholstery come into contact with moisture for a prolonged period of time, it can be possible for mildew to develop. While mildew can be a common problem, individuals can greatly underestimate the threats and difficulties that it can pose.

Avoid Directly Inhaling The Mildew

When you are cleaning a surface that has developed mildew, it is important to avoid directly inhaling any spores or other particles. There are many individuals that will suffer severe respiratory problems as a result of inhaling mildew spores. In fact, some people may even develop an infection as a result of breathing these substances. To protect yourself, you should wear a protective face mask as you are cleaning the mildew, and if you have an air purifier available, you may want to position it in the room to eliminate any particulate debris that becomes airborne during this cleaning.

Treat The Surface With A Mildew Odor Neutralizing Spray

Mildew can leave stubborn odors that are difficult to remove from fabric or upholstery, and these odors can persist for long after you have removed the fungus. In fact, these odors can even persist through wash cycles. However, this does not mean that these items will have to be discarded as it is possible to treat them with odor neutralizing sprays that are designed to be effective against the odors mildew can leave behind. When treating fabrics with these sprays, you will want to thoroughly follow the instructions as some of the sprays may need to stay on the fabric for a period of time while others may be able to be rinsed off almost immediately.

Take Steps To Reduce The Development Of Mildew In The Future

While it is possible to effectively clean up a mildew problem, it can be labor-intensive and unpleasant. If you have had to address a major mildew problem with your home, it can be worth the time to find the source of the moisture that allowed the mildew to form. If this moisture came from leaks or other malfunctions, you should have the issue repaired immediately so that the mildew will be unable to return. If the mildew is the result of humidity and condensation, installing dehumidifiers can be necessary for protecting the property from future mildew issues. Luckily, there are contractors that can help you to identify the source of the mildew so that you can be sure to eliminate this problem correctly the first time.

Contact a provider of mildew odor-neutralizing sprays for more information. 


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