Design Custom Shirts For Your Volunteers With These Ideas In Mind

Posted on: 17 December 2019

If you're organizing any event that will involve a team of volunteers who are helping out, it's ideal to give them a shirt that will identify them as such. You should ensure that your volunteers can take their shirts home with them, too, which can give them a souvenir of contributing to the event — and one that they might continue to wear with pride in the weeks ahead. It's ideal if you choose a unique color for your volunteers' shirts. This way, people at the event will be able to identify the volunteers easily from afar. Here are some other design ideas to consider.

Identification As A Volunteer

It's important for the volunteers' shirts to identify them as volunteers. This wording can change how people deal with them at the event. For example, if a volunteer is a little slow to provide an answer to an attendee's question, the attendee could start to get upset. However, when he or she sees the shirt and realizes that the person offering assistance is a volunteer, rather than a paid official, the person may relax a little. One option is to have large "Volunteer" wording across the upper back of the shirt, as well as smaller wording on either side of the chest on the garment's front.

Event Information

It also makes sense to have your volunteers' shirt design include some information about the event. A plain shirt with the word "Volunteer" on it in a couple of locations can look a little amateur, so think about what event details are useful to put on the shirt. The name of the event and its date, as well as the logo if you've had one designed, can all help to make your shirt design eye-catching and professional. If you have a major corporate sponsor for the event, having this company's logo on one of the sleeves can be a good idea.

Volunteer Role Details

Beyond the shirt identifying the wearer as a volunteer at the event, you may also want to have shirts that identify the role the volunteers are playing. Doing so requires a little more work, as you'll need to determine in advance how many people are performing each role. Then, you can have shirts that identify people as helping out with such volunteering roles as event administration, security, food service, and any other roles that are relevant to your event.

Keep these tips in mind and work with a custom shirt designer to get the shirts you'd like for your volunteers. 


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