Consider These Things When Looking At Country Club Properties For Sale

Posted on: 11 October 2019

If you're looking for a home that comes with a lifestyle, then you may want to consider country club real estate. Whether you love to play golf or just like the social atmosphere, living in a country club community can be an enjoyable experience as long as you and the community are a good match. Here are some things to know about buying a country club property.

Factor In The Cost Of Club Membership

When you buy a home in a private community, you'll have extra expenses to consider, such as HOA dues. When you buy in a country club community, you'll also have club dues, and these can be substantial sometimes. Before you start looking at country club properties for sale, learn about the cost of membership in different places so you can weed out those with terms you don't like. You can often buy different levels of membership too. For instance, you may only want a social level membership that allows you to use the clubhouse and participate in social activities but doesn't include golf.

Understand The Community Restrictions

Restrictions can be good and bad. They're good because they keep all your neighbors in line, but they can be bad if you don't like being told how to maintain your yard and home. You'll want to know all the rules that pertain to your property before you buy your house, and you may even want to learn about the rules before you start looking at any country club properties so you don't waste time or fall in love with a house in a community that has rules you don't agree with.

Decide On The Property View You Want

Prices for homes in a country club community vary according to the size and condition of the home and the location of the lot. Some lots provide sweeping views of a beautifully manicured golf course or a preservation area. You might even find a community built around a lake that has waterfront lots with scenic views from the homes. Homes built on lots with great views will cost quite a bit more than homes built in the interior of the community.

Work With An Agent Who Is Familiar With Country Clubs

You may already have your heart set on a particular country club if you've golfed there for years. However, if you haven't decided where you want to live just yet, but you know you want the country club lifestyle, then find an agent who is familiar with the various options in your community. An agent who knows the HOA restrictions and club rules of different places can help guide you to a community where you'll be happy.

Buying a home in a country club community could be a good investment whether you're growing a family or getting ready to retire and want to move to a place with a lifestyle built in. Use these tips to help you find success when looking at country club properties for sale


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