Metal Detectable Pens Enhance Your Food Service Business

Posted on: 3 July 2019

When you operate within the food service industry, good quality and service are important. However, don't forget that without safe food handling and preparation practices, you cannot deliver on either one of these goals. Did you know that a metal detectable pen can actually help you achieve these goals? Learn more about this pen option and how it can help your establishment. 

Temperature Flexibility

Freezing temperatures and traditional ink pens don't work well together. If you've ever taken a regular ink pen into the freezer or cooler to label food, it probably failed to write. However, food labeling isn't food handling step you can afford to avoid or only do when the temperature is right; you need to be able to label your food everywhere. Fortunately, metal detectable pens are temperature safe, even in the near freezing temperature range of a commercial cooler. 

Surface Versatility

You likely store your food in all types of different containers, ranging from plastic bags to aluminum foil. As previously mentioned, you need to be able to label all your food, so you don't want to be held back because your traditional pen doesn't work well on the surface of the food packaging. A unique factor about metal detectable pens is that they can work just as well on metal and plastic surfaces as they do traditional paper. 

Ink Protection

A commercial kitchen is not always the most organized space. At any given time, water, sauce, grease or any other liquid could spill. With traditional ink, any type of contact with moisture will cause the ink to bleed. As a result, you won't be able to capture important factors about the food, such as its 'use by' date. Metal detectable pens are resistant to these types of threats and remain intact and clear to read.

Chemical Transfer Safety

Ink is safe for everyday handling, but it is not at all safe for consumption. Ink products are generally toxic and contain all sorts of heavy metal byproducts. When even a small amount of ink comes in contact with the food, the food would be considered contaminated given the potential risk. Food rated metal detection pens are great for food service environments because they don't include these harmful elements and they are antimicrobial.

A metal detectable pen can provide a number of additional benefits to your food service establishment, so don't overlook this small, but important upgrade to your operation. For more information, contact companies like Detectapro.


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