Why It's Important For Young Adults To Consult With Bookkeepers

Posted on: 2 November 2018

Plenty of large and small businesses employ bookkeepers to manage the finances of the organization, but these financially minded-professionals can help more than those in the business world. If you're someone who has recently graduated from college and joined the workforce, hiring a bookkeeper might not be something that you've considered. However, you should consider looking for a bookkeeper in your local area who can help clients on a casual or infrequent basis — for example, once or twice a year, including around tax time. Here are some reasons that it's a good idea for young adults to consult with bookkeepers.

Prevention Of Large Debts

A bookkeeper isn't a financial planner, but that doesn't mean that this person won't hesitate to give you some suggestions about your financial health. One area in which a bookkeeper can help a young person is by looking at his or her income versus expense and expressing concern about certain debts. It can be easy for young adults to incur debts that may take them years to pay off, resulting in considerable stress during what should be a happy and exciting time. For example, if your bookkeeper notices that you've continuously taken money from your line of credit, he or she may warn you about the interest rate and make it clear how much this decision is costing you.

Reminder Of Good Records Management

A young adult who works with a bookkeeper will also learn about the value of good records management. It's easy to carelessly disregard receipts upon arriving home, for example, or frequently make online purchases without printing out a statement of the transaction. You'll often hear your bookkeeper asking if you have financial records to demonstrate certain expenses, and given that you may not, you'll quickly learn the importance of keeping a file in a safe place at home to save important paper documents.

Understanding Of Tax Write-Offs

As a young adult, you might sometimes hear about businesses writing off certain expenses, but not necessarily realize that individuals can do so, too. For example, if you had to move for work, you can write off several of the expenses that you incurred in this process. If you've made some charitable donations as a way of giving back to your community, you can also deduct these amounts at tax time. Sessions with a bookkeeper can prove to be valuable in learning such money-saving lessons that you'll implement well into the future.

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