Pea Gravel 101: Faqs For Curious Business Owners

Posted on: 2 November 2018

Keeping your business looking its best means being attentive to the outer appearance, which means landscaping is important. Pea gravel is often chosen as a landscaping material around business buildings because it is functional, attractive, and relatively inexpensive. 

What exactly is pea gravel?

Pea gravel is either natural or artificially manufactured stone. These small rounded pebbles are smooth, often round, and the individual stones are usually about the size of an actual pea. You would find pea gravel naturally along some riverbanks and shorelines, but the rock can also be artificially manufactured through a tumbling process that rounds and smooths the edges of the stone. 

Can you get pea gravel in different colors?

You can get pea gravel in a range of colors, both in artificial and natural form. Pea gravel that is naturally harvested will usually come in a mixed color palette of tans, dark greys, and browns. However, there are some forms of pea gravel harvested from specific areas that will have a more uniform color. If you want anything beyond the natural pea gravel color, go for artificially manufactured pea gravel because it can be tinted into just about any color you can imagine. 

Are there situations where pea gravel is not a good choice?

Pea gravel does not work well in every business setting. For example, if you have a daycare with an outdoor play area, pea gravel is not the best choice because it can be small enough for children to pick up and put in their mouth without being noticed. Pea gravel also holds heat, which can be a disadvantage if you are in a hot climate and want to promote coolness even in your landscape. Pea gravel also does not work well on sloped surfaces because it will not stay in place as well as something like river rock or crushed limestone. 

What are the benefits of pea gravel?

As already noted, pea gravel is one of the more inexpensive landscape rocks you can get, which makes it highly advantageous for business owners who want a new look at a small cost. Pea gravel is also really flexible. It is lightweight enough that it can be used around flowers but heavy enough to be a good filler material. 

Overall, pea gravel is an excellent landscaping material for a business property. Reach out to a landscape material provider in your area to find out more about different types of rock they have available. 


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