3 Reasons Why An American Traditional Tattoo Might Be A Good Fit For You

Posted on: 28 October 2018

Tattoos are apparently on the rise in younger adults. According to recent research, almost 40 percent of people born after 1980 now sport at least one tattoo. Tattoos were once associated with deviancy, but now, all walks of life have taken interest in the self-expression that comes with adorning their bodies in tattoos. Some people know exactly what they want for a tattoo, while others have a hard time committing, knowing their tattoo is permanent. People who are uncertain may be a good candidate for choosing an American traditional tattoo. These are tattoos that are best described as "vintage." Here is a look at some of the features of these iconic American classic designs.

1. American Traditional Tattoos Are Realistic 

You won't find any abstract designs or intricate tribal designs in these vintage tattoos. Instead, you will find things that are extraordinarily representative of life. Flowers, voluptuous pinup girls, muscular, masculine men who look like they just stepped out of the boxing ring, skulls adorned with roses and knives, half-naked mermaids, playing cards depicting lucky poker hands, dice, spades, hearts, and lucky four-leaf clovers, native Americans in a feathered headdress, snakes, flower or snake-wrapped crosses with the name of a dead loved one or "RIP," and the classic heart with "Mother" emblazoned through it are just a few examples of quintessential American traditional tattoos. Anchors, tall ships, eagles, and the American flag are also popular, especially among sailors and servicemen.  

2. American Traditional Tattoos Are Richly Colored

Traditional American tattoos don't use a rainbow of colors but instead rely heavily on the primary colors, especially red and yellow. Green, an amalgamation of blue and yellow, is more commonly used than blue itself in these vintage designs. This reinforces their vintage look. And just like pictures in a coloring book, these designs are boldly outlined in black, providing crisp, clean lines that define and intensify the overall look to the tattoo. Contrast this to abstract tattoos or neo-American Traditional tattoos, which use more colors and allow for less realism.

3. American Traditional Tattoos Continue A Historical Legacy And Celebrate A Legend

Most people who are into tattoos, especially this style of tattoo, can thank the legendary tattoo artist, Sailor Jerry. He was a sailor in the United States Navy who settled on the island of Hawaii after his enlistment was done. There, he created his own pigments and his now-classic designs that have become a part of Americana. By having an artist ink you with one, you are continuing a tradition.


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