Bail Bonds: Avoid These Errors

Posted on: 25 October 2018

Fear and shock related to a close friend's arrest might subside upon discovering you can pay whatever bail is set for them. Concern over their comfort may supersede concern over your personal risks when you do that, however. Errors and faulty decisions like these could complicate things for you.

1-Consulting Only One Bonding Company

Rejections are a part of the bail operation that few outside the system know about. Bonding companies will review documents in your friend's case file to examine whether their involvement is justified. They will assess their own risk and, in rare cases, reject the application. If you only consult a single bonding company, such a rejection could cause your friend to spend even more long hours waiting for release. Apply with a few companies.

2-Expecting Rapid Release

You might expect a very quick release, especially if you've only seen bail proceedings on TV. However, approval isn't the final thing your friend needs to walk free. Rules and general protocol exist in whatever facility they're currently in. The facility might work on their release as part of several releases in that workday; no guarantees are possible regarding speed. They could process cases up to a specific time or need certain personnel to sign off on releases one by one. Therefore, delays on your end should be minimized; your bail applications should go in quickly so that any facility delays don't seem as bothersome.

3-Believing Your Friend

Perhaps the most difficult thing about an arrest is your surprise. If the crime being alleged is a violent one or one that has to do with fraudulent behavior by your close friend, your first instinct is of course to believe them. However, when posting bail, this belief will be tested. After release, they're required to appear in court again, in some cases several times. If not, their troubles will increase, but so might yours. As the person responsible for bail, their failure to continue the process will reflect badly on you and could have serious consequences, depending on what the terms of bail were. You could, for instance, lose whatever collateral you've put into this. 

Therefore, consider whether you're blinded by friendship or whether you truly believe in your friend's ability to follow-through successfully.

Luckily, professional bondsmen can guide and counsel you about some of these issues. Their expertise will also steer you away from bail-related decisions that are too risky. Frequent discussions will enable you to post bail while protecting yourself. For more information, contact a company like Christine’s Bail Bonds.


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