It's Always Worth It To Pay For Bail Bonds

Posted on: 24 October 2018

When you're given the option of paying bail to secure your freedom as you wait for the trial, you may lack the money needed to cover the full bail amount. This is where bonds agents usually come in, allowing you to walk out of jail for a fee — usually a percentage of the bail that was needed.

However, this fee can be quite significant in many cases, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Under these circumstances, many people will start asking whether it's worth it to pay for bail bonds.

It Beats Staying in Jail

If nothing else, paying the bonds agent should be a lot better than staying in jail while you await your trial. Staying in jail while awaiting trial has many negatives. For starters, jail can be a dangerous place for you. This isn't unexpected since you're locked up with people who may have committed worse crimes than you.

Secondly, there is very little to do in jail. The routine in jails isn't as well defined as it is in prison since people keep coming and going. Even getting a little bit of exercise can be difficult in jail.

You Need the Time to Prepare for What's Coming

Paying someone a few thousand dollars to get you out of jail may seem unnecessarily expensive. However, if you're charged with a serious crime and there's a chance you could end up in prison for years, you need all the time you can get to mount a proper defense.

Staying out of jail in such a situation becomes more like a fight for your life because while in jail you can lose control of things. It may also take a long time before you're informed if there's an important development in your case.

Paying Doesn't Have to Be Expensive

There are many ways that you can negotiate with your bail bondsman to make it easier for you to pay the fees needed. One reason why some people opt out of paying bonds agent is that they may not be able to pay the full fee at once.

However, many bonds agent provide easy payment plans that allow you to stagger the payments to fit your budget. When you go from having to pay thousands of dollars at once to just a small amount for the next few months, it makes a lot of sense to pay the bonds agent.  


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