Eliminate Bias With An External Win-Loss Analysis Program

Posted on: 23 October 2018

Knowledge is power. Companies that have a deep understanding of their customers' needs are able to close deals that contribute to success. In order to become better closers, companies must evaluate why they win or lose certain deals. This evaluation is completed through the implementation of a win-loss analysis program.

Outsourcing your win-loss analyses to an external source can help you gain more accurate results by eliminating any bias which might exist during the interview and evaluation process.

Staff Bias

When you complete a win-loss analysis in-house, you are essentially having your staff members evaluate themselves. Staff can bring preconceived biases into the interview and evaluation process. These pre-existing biases can cloud the accuracy of the information that you are able to gather during a win-loss analysis.

Since the objective of a win-loss analysis is to determine where companies can improve, an unbiased perspective is essential. External analyzers will have no relationship with your company or the customers being surveyed. This objectivity will give your company the most accurate information on winning and losing strategies.

Respondent Anonymity

Bias can exist not only on the part of the people conducting a win-loss analysis but on the part of the respondents as well. Many people are hesitant to be brutally honest when dealing directly with the company being evaluated.

An external win-loss analysis company will be able to ensure that all the respondents being surveyed remain anonymous. This anonymity can eliminate a respondent's fear of having any negative information they reveal tainting future deals with your company. Respondents will be more candid with an outside analyzer, giving you access to the most accurate information possible.

Survey Consistency

It's important that the individual conducting the win-loss analysis surveys is consistent in his or her presentation. Any changes in the behavior of the surveyor could create bias. Your employees are likely not trained in the methodology of win-loss analysis programs.

Working with an external company that specializes in these types of surveys can help ensure that survey inconsistencies don't negatively affect the accuracy of the information you are able to gather through your win-loss analysis.

Being able to evaluate why certain deals are successful and other deals fail gives your company the opportunity to improve its sales tactics in the future. Work with an external win-loss analysis company like Petronio Insight to complete your surveys. Outsourcing your win-loss analyses will maximize the benefit your company receives from these valuable surveys.


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