Foam-Padded Buttock Panties Are an Affordable Way to Improve Your Figure

Posted on: 22 October 2018

If you wish you had a more shapely backside but you don't want to spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery, then you should try wearing padded undergarments. You can buy panties in various styles with foam padding over the buttocks that makes your backside fuller and more uplifted. Here's a look at how they work and some styles that are available.

How Foam-Padded Panties Work

Not everyone is born with a shapely backside, but you can achieve the look you want by wearing foam-padded panties. These panties have thin pockets that hold a thick pad of foam that curves over each side of your buttocks. The pockets hold the foam firmly in place so the curves appear natural and real when you wear clothing. The pads are removable so you can wash them separately, or you can wash the panties without washing the foam pads.

Some padded panties also have pockets on the sides of the hips for foam inserts. These add contour to your hips to give you an hourglass figure when viewed from the front or back. Foam-padded panties are designed in different ways to achieve different goals. You may want padding just below the curve of your back to give the appearance of lifted buttocks, or you may want padding that covers your entire backside. Some panties have high waists and are made from spandex so they can cinch your waist and give your body a tighter appearance, making your buttocks appear even larger.

Styles of Foam Panties Available

The great thing about wearing foam panties is that they are very comfortable. You can wear them at work all day even if you have a desk job that requires long hours of sitting. You can find a style that you're most comfortable wearing, whether it is a full panty or a smaller bikini style. Some panties are styled like boy shorts with longer legs that shape your upper thighs. Other panties have panels that provide tummy control. You can even find a string bikini panty so you can wear it under clingy clothing and it remains discreet. Padded panties come in all colors and they're made of different materials, so they are attractive and feminine while working hard to give you the shape you desire.

Foam-padded buttock panties cost just a mere fraction of what you would pay to get implants or surgery. Since they look completely natural under your clothing and they're affordable, they are a good investment in your appearance and in your self-confidence.


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