Using Promotional Rolling Papers to Advertise Your Business

Posted on: 18 October 2018

Rolling papers can be an excellent novelty item that you can hand out at conventions and other public gatherings to advertise your business. When ordering your custom printed rolling papers, a handful of tips can improve your experience using these items for promotional purposes.

Invest in Several Different Types of Rolling Paper

Individuals will have a variety of preferences when it comes to the type of rolling paper that they use. In fact, many individuals will only use certain types of rolling paper, and this can discourage them from taking your promotional rolling papers if they are unavailable in their preferred style. When ordering rolling papers to use in this manner, you should opt for a number of different widths and thicknesses of paper, as this will allow you to accommodate a much larger variety of preferences.

Consider Opting for Flavored Rolling Papers

Depending on the event where you are giving away the rolling papers, there may be other vendors that are also giving away these papers. Choosing to carry at least some flavored rolling papers may help you to distinguish yourself from the other vendors. Flavored rolling papers only have a marginally higher cost, and the added attention that they may attract can be worth this expense.

Have a Moisture-Controlled Storage Container

Whenever you are out giving away these rolling papers, it is important to have them properly stored. Individuals will often neglect to consider the damage that can occur from humidity and condensation. These sources of moisture can cause the adhesive on the papers to bleed through, which can lead to many pieces of rolling paper becoming stuck together. Having an appropriate storage container for these items can avoid this type of water damage by preventing spills or rain from getting on the rolling papers. You may also want to include a humidity control packet as the air in these containers can be rather moist.

Keep Most of the Design on the Rolling Paper Container

Having an extremely elaborate design for the rolling papers can be somewhat off-putting to some individuals, as they may be concerned about the taste of these pigments or the colors bleeding onto their skin. By having most of the design on the container for the rolling papers, you can avoid individuals making this assumption. This can have the secondary effect of also reducing the costs of having these papers printed, which can allow you to get far more for your promotional product budget.


Sorting Out The Details

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