Tips For Choosing The Right Draperies For Your New Home

Posted on: 18 October 2018

If you are struggling to choose the right draperies and drapery supplies for your new home and want to avoid picking options you will hate in a year or two when the current styles change, then these tips will help you make the right choices:

Tip: Set a Budget Before Shopping

Just as with other items you purchase for your home, draperies come at a wide variety of different price points.For example, simple inexpensive blackout panels and sheers are readily available at big box stores. Alternatively, custom-made or hand-sewn draperies often have prices similar to buying new appliances for your kitchen.

So before you ever start shopping, first determine your budget so you don't fall in love with options that are way above what's affordable for your budget.

Tip: Choose the Fabric You Wanted Based on Its Privacy and Light-Blocking Characteristics

Once you have a budget in place, then it is time to decide what fabric you would like your new draperies to be made of. To do so, choose the type of fabric you want based on how much light you want the draperies to let through.

For example, sheers allow light through but also protect the privacy inside of your home during daytime hours. For a higher level of privacy at night, a linen drapery is better than only a sheer.  Additionally, drapes made of heavier fabrics such as wool will completely block light and are good for blocking noise and helping moderate inside temperatures during hot summer months and cold winter months.

Tip: Choose Draperies With the Right Length for Your Room

The length of your home's new draperies should correspond to the overall design scheme of each room. For example, if your home is casual, then consider draperies that simply hang to the bottom of each window sill. Alternatively, if your home is more formal, then draperies that hang all the way to the floor will make your rooms look more dramatic.

It is also important to note that if your ceilings are low, then hanging your draperies all the way from just below the ceiling to the floor will make the room seem larger and the ceilings seem higher.

Tip: Spend a Bit of Your Budget on High-Quality Rods and Hardware

One final tip that is very important is to spend a bit of your budget on the rods and hardware used to hold your draperies in place. Rather than hidden inexpensive rods, consider purchasing higher-quality options with decorative finials on each end. You can also add a bit of dramatic effect by adding drapery supplies, such as decorative tie-back hooks that match the rod finials.


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