How to Pick Counter Shutters That Are Right for Your Location

Posted on: 16 October 2018

Counter shutters serve a number of purposes, including providing privacy for employees, security for location, and notification to the public of when a business is open. There are, however, a number of considerations that go into buying them, and you can find a model that'll meet your needs by learning about the available options.

Who Uses Counter Shutters?

Almost any location that places a division between its work area and where the public is allowed may benefit from installing counter shutters. You'll see counter shutters at a wide range of places, including concession stands at stadiums, school cafeterias, banks, and even hospitals.


Counter shutters come in two main classes of materials: wood and metal. Most wooden models utilize hardwoods in order to maximize security and stability, but they may not be practical for use at locations like restaurants where fire is a concern. Metal shutters can be created using many types of products, including galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, and brass.


Especially when installing shutters at a counter or window that's on the outside of a building, you'll likely want some degree of insulation included. Models are available that utilize a range of cores, including vacuum-sealed ones and foam-filled ones, to provide limited insulation. Be aware, though, that no set of counter shutters can serve as a fully insulating barrier.

Retraction and Deployment

The vast majority of models are designed to be opened and shut using rails in a manner similar to how garage doors are used. Depending on the overall weight and the desired level of convenience, these can be built with motors to handle the job. If you have the chance to design a building from scratch, it is possible to have the counter shutters retract into the wall. Should you need to retrofit them to a location, the rails will be visible.


Most companies that sell and install counter shutters are able to tailor their work to the specific needs of their customers. If you're using a wood model, be aware that matching a finish to the appearance of nearby existing wood items may take some time and extra money.


There is not a widely recognized professional organization that certifies companies or technicians in the installation and maintenance of counter shutters. When you're looking for fireproof models, however, you'll want to search for products that are manufactured to the National Fire Protection Association's standards. 


Sorting Out The Details

Have you ever stopped to think about how much of your life revolves around the details? While things like other's feelings and interior cleanliness matter a lot when you are at home, they are even more important in business, when you need to show other businesses how much you really care. From the types of art you display in your lobby to the way you treat your fellow employees, being able to identify and resolve challenges is crucial to your longterm success. I wanted to start a blog that talked all about sorting out the details, since small things matter--especially when it comes to commerce.


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